The pace of change within the tech sector means that skill sets require regular appraisal and proactive development if they are to stay current. The importance of this is hard to overstate; if self-development is neglected, skills can become obsolete faster than might be anticipated.

Conversely, the right blend of skill sets within a team can have a transformative effect. At Tekchain we place a high emphasis on developing our own technical skills and approaches, and we’ve created a range of services to pass them on to our clients.

We provide bespoke training – for individuals or teams – that’s always tailored to the recipient’s needs. These sessions can focus on any area of Tekchain’s expertise, be it software development, security or cryptography.

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Personalised Training

The role of Chief Information Security Officer has an increasingly high profile, and with good reason; the frequency, variety and sophistication of security threats is growing all the time. The complex nature of these threats means it can be difficult for time-poor leaders to stay close to the necessary detail.

This is where Tekchain can help CISOs; acting as a trusted advisor, always there to assist and reassure with our deep, up-to-date expertise. Whether you use our service as a way to air ideas or to solicit an unbiased second opinion, we can make the decision-making process easier and help you perform at your best.

CISO Counsel

Decisions regarding the technology and providers you work with can have far-reaching implications, both in terms of cost and outcome. As such it can pay to have a second opinion on vital choices.

We can produce neutral, fact-based vendor evaluation reports that will help you feel sure the procurement decisions you make are the right ones.

Vendor Evaluation

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