Bespoke Software

When it comes to the software you need to run your business, should you build or buy? With the technology toolbox larger than ever, it can sometimes make sense to buy software off the shelf. However, in our experience nothing can match the ability of custom software to perfectly match an organisation’s needs.

With years of development experience here at Tekchain – gained across multiple sectors – we combine proven ways of working with a pragmatic approach. As a result, we can unlock all the benefits of bespoke software for your business, while working to your timescales and budget.

We deliver software in a truly agile way, all the way from discovery through to alpha, beta, and live. With years of experience in working to agile delivery patterns, we know what it takes to build high performing, cross-functional teams that deliver your desired outcome within agreed timelines.

Our consultants are happy to be embedded within your delivery function, working side-by-side with existing teams to help them deliver software and (if necessary) also upskill through the use of techniques such as pair programming.

Agile Delivery

Successfully delivering secure cloud-based applications requires a nuanced understanding of the options available to you – whether that means using a big name like AWS, Azure and Google, or running an open source installation of your own (such as OpenStack).

We can guide you through all the options – and make cloud adoption or migration a smooth process for you.

Cloud based Solutions

Setting up digital infrastructure and the services that run upon it is just the start. Keeping everything running smoothly takes care, expertise and close attention.

We bring a DevOps mindset to every engagement, ensuring that automated alerting and monitoring is properly implemented. Whether you require us to provide ongoing support or not, our culture is always ‘build it, own it, run it’ - meaning we take responsibility for what we deliver. It also explains why we offer 24/7 support.

This approach helps you avoid surprises, improves the resilience of your systems, and keeps availability as high as possible – while providing you with detailed insight into your system’s performance.


We combine agile, iterative development with deep expertise across the full gamut of software testing. As a result, the code we deliver is robust and easily appraised.

Automated end-to-end tests inspect every element of the software we build at Tekchain – from accessibility, to performance and security – so you can be confident in what we deliver.

Quality Assurance

Anticipating every element of your business’ needs – both current, and future – is essential if bespoke software is to properly fulfil its desired purpose. The architecture that underpins your application must take all this into account.

Our long background in software delivery means we take the time to fully understand the implications of the choices we make when designing software, leading to lean, well-architected solutions that stand the test of time.

Software Architecture

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