Could your organisation afford to lose revenue, customers or hard-won reputation? Unfortunately, these can be the consequences of a successful cyberattack – and such attacks are increasingly common.

At Tekchain, we offer a wide range of services to help you embed robust security practices into the fabric of your business, minimising the likelihood of a security breach.

Drawing on our extensive experience in the field, we offer a pragmatic and tailored approach, based on years of working with enterprise-grade security. With a background in R&D and real-life application across multiple sectors, our consultants will identify any security risks within your systems and help you determine the best way to address them – keeping malicious actors at bay.

As well as assisting on specific security issues, we offer strategic guidance on the management of security and risk. Our services are designed to help organisations looking to take a long-term view, and ensure you have the correct procedures and controls in place to successfully protect your business.

An important aspect of our strategic advice is to optimise the return of your investment in security measures, ensuring your money is being spent wisely. We can review your setup to identify cost-saving opportunities (for example, cyber liability insurance premiums may be reduced by addressing underwriters' concerns with specific "point solutions").

To help you define your security strategy, we start by analysing the status quo. Identifying and classifying the critical assets that make up your business (eg. systems, data, trade secrets and so on), and working with you to determine your organisation’s attitude to risk, we develop a clear, actionable roadmap to get you where you need to be. This roadmap covers everything from quick wins to more gradual, longer-term changes, and it’s fully customised to your risk appetite, budget and timeframe.

Strategy and Risk Management

We help you weave solid security fundamentals into the fabric of your operation – no matter where you are in your journey.

Working with your team, we conduct a wide-ranging appraisal of your existing security architecture, and go into fine detail with deep dives into your infrastructure and codebase.

Our nuanced understanding allows us to recommend or build security controls that keep you on top of threats and vulnerabilities as they occur.

Security Architecture and Engineering

In today’s world, successfully operating your business demands that you ensure the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of your data. The use of strong cryptography supported by a solid key management foundation allows you to protect your sensitive information, which is more important than ever; infringements of data legislation such as GDPR can incur huge fines.

To ensure the security of data belonging to you and your customers, we offer a full suite of cryptographic services – typically starting with a crypto audit.

Our audit serves to increase awareness around your current situation, and how strong your cryptography and the processes around key management really are. We’ll uncover any weaknesses in your systems before helping you to adopt a modern approach to cryptography and key management. The result? A cost-effective route to achieve the crypto agility you need to face down advances in the field of cryptanalysis.

Cryptography and Key Management

With the cloud touching every element of modern digital operations it’s crucial to ensure the security model is well understood. Cloud security rests on a shared responsibility model, which calls for clarity between the cloud provider and customer, to define who is responsible for securing what.

It’s also important to select the right cloud deployment and service models for your own circumstances. These can vary based on your unique needs, anticipated workload and security requirements, but a sound security architecture will be required whatever the setup.

We can help you put the right security procedures, controls and techniques in place for every element of your cloud deployment – including those involving cloud migration, multi-cloud architecture and big data.

Cloud Security

Organisations that successfully handle cybersecurity realise a cultural shift is as necessary as any technological one. Embracing this and approaching security as a shared responsibility is the way to develop a long-standing resilience to evolving threats.

Hence the rise of DevSecOps – a delivery mindset that rolls development, security and operations into a single holistic approach. DevSecOps avoids the problems that commonly arise from more siloed functions, where security considerations can either fall between the gaps or become involved too late in delivery.

As your DevSecOps capability matures, it will become a competitive advantage. Having the correct skills, procedures and security tooling working together throughout the pipeline allows you to put high quality software in the hands of your customer far more quickly.

At Tekchain we’re experienced in delivering critical systems using a DevSecOps approach. As such we’re well-placed to advise you on how to embed the tailored mix of technologies and best practices that are involved.


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