Who we are

To thrive in today’s world you need reliable, secure, well-designed software – so you can focus on your core business. That’s what Tekchain delivers.

We specialise in cybersecurity, the delivery of bespoke software, and upskilling your team and leadership with today’s best practices.

Tekchain is an approved supplier to the UK Government. Our services are available on the following frameworks:

  • G-Cloud 13
  • Digital Outcomes and Digital Specialists 6

We’d be happy to discuss how our services could fit into your programme.


Meet the Founders

Daniel Gartmann

Co-founder/Cyber Security Engineer

Daniel is a respected voice in the world of cybersecurity, combining a broad understanding of the domain with in-depth technical expertise. He has applied this knowledge across multiple sectors internationally – including banking, retail, transport, insurance, sports, and R&D.

Building and operating high-security, high performance systems is a staple of Daniel’s background. He’s familiar with all the aspects required for the delivery of mission-critical, 99.99% uptime systems, including IAM and cryptographic solutions.

With a pragmatic, risk-based approach, Daniel takes great pleasure in helping organisations of all kinds to adopt modern security practices.

Anamaria Gartmann

Co-founder/Full Stack Developer

Anamaria is a highly-experienced developer, and has worked with companies of all sizes – from startups to large multinationals. Her roles to date have seen her working in sectors as diverse as banking, travel, investment management, retail, social care and media.

With expertise across the stack, and particularly front-end development, Anamaria prizes a clear focus on UX in her approach, helping her to develop and support large-scale web applications that meet genuine user needs.


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